The Declaration of Wakeful-Modernism

The Art Philosophy Movement Of The Truth & Freedom Movement)


Natural Law Principle of MENTALISM

Natural Law Principle of CORRESPONDENCE

Natural Law Principle of VIBRATION

Natural Law Principle of POLARITY

Natural Law Principle of RHYTH

Natural Law Principle of CAUSE & EFFECT

Natural Law Principle of GENDER

The “Lost” Principle, The Dynamic of CARE aka THE GENERATIVE PRINCIPLE



-*I am attempting to define an Art Movement that already exists as a freethinking alternative to the mind control of pop-culture, mass media and every compartmentalized, hierarchical institution.*

-Wakeful-Modernism is Art used to spread the Love of Divine Will and worldwide Freedom, being subordinate only to Truth.

-If you are a Modern Artist pertaining to the Truth and Freedom Movement and you do Not endorse slavery, then you are a Wakeful-Modernist.

-Wakeful-Modernism is ultimately any art that propagates the adherence to Natural Law, and the whistleblowing of conspiracies currently keeping humanity enslaved through moral-relativism and lack of conscience.

-*I hope to inspire other artists to join, and much respect to all artists who are already on point with this general subject matter.*

Preface and Caveats

-This is the RED PILL with no sugar coating, rather it is TRUTH, CARE and unapologetic tough-LOVE. I Love you all.

o“Knowing ‘the Truth will set you free,’ but first it will piss you off.”

-Please read this entirety, so you may see the Matrix for what it truly is.

-You do have eyes to see and ears to hear, so use them well to analyze your current state of being, both within yourself and the world around you.

-Free your mind; be somewhat Skeptical but Also fairly Open-Minded.

-In order to accurately judge the Veracity, do Not simply dismiss this information because you don’t like the way it’s presented, or because of how it makes you feel upon first hearing it. Doing so is a Logical Fallacy.

-Be able to hold an idea in your mind and dwell on it, without immediately accepting or rejecting it.

-To be Dogmatic is to Not question authority, and blindly accept the status quo of a particular group, ideology or religion.

-This declaration requires the reader to step outside his/her own self created box of dogma (religious, scientific, political, etc.,) and examine all statements objectively without emotional attachment to long held beliefs.

-Waking up is a process of shedding the falsity of socially programmed ideals, and the admission to self that one may have been wrong about certain actions, beliefs and dogmas.

-*I myself am not claiming to be perfect or some sort of enlightened master. So for the record, I to was wrong about many things and still don’t know many others. In fact, I do have a great many things to still learn, and I did make many mistakes in my past that did cause harm to certain people. And I have done all I can to rectify those mistakes, grow from them and move on to be a bester person because of them.*

-*I didn’t put this together to be arrogant or condescending, knowing what I do know, I feel I have a moral obligation to share it with others.*

-This information is Nothing New, rather, it is Truth that already exists.

-*I, Brad Klemmer, am only the presenter of this information, which is part my own wording, part paraphrased and part copied verbatim. I am not righting fiction, and there is no copyright.*

-*My only allegiance it to Truth, this declaration having nothing to do with my own personal opinions or the possible opinions of the reader.*

-Do your own research, as all Wakeful-Modernists do. And contemplate on these topics, so that you may wake up and know them yourself to be true.

-The obfuscation of words, phrases and symbols is something to be highly noted within society. Such words, etc. often have double and opposing meanings, or have been altered over time to change their cultural interpretation from their original definition of meaning.

-The body of this declaration is a lesson on Natural Law along with some good practical Solutions to the problems we face as a species, used to set up the argument against both Postmodernism and Modernism-proper.

-This declaration primarily sets forth to answer the question of WHY… the world is currently in the state that it is, so that we may actually solve the Causal Factors leading to the problems we face as a species.

oThough Wakeful-Modern Art itself may discus any of the What, Why, How, Who and Where’s that there are to be discovered concerning Spiritual Enlightenment and Worldly Freedom.


-the True Awakening of Modernism,

-a Full Rejection of Postmodernism and

-a Replacement for (and Rejection of) so-called “Neo-Modernism.”

-illustrating the general pursuit of the Truth and Freedom Movement.

-based on the intelligent discernment of facts and observations, in pursuit and expression of the singular, objective Truth (that which is).

-Not based on dogmatic belief systems, personal opinions or false religions

Being AWAKE Means:

-knowing about the Occult, and knowing that there is both a Light and a Dark side to it.

-knowing that there is No such thing as Knowledge that is “good” or “bad,” and that willful ignorance of reality always creates negative consequences.

oThere is of course, such thing as both Accurate and Inaccurate Information, but knowledge itself can be used in any manner, good or bad, by those who have acquired it.

-the understanding of Human Consciousness, the infinite Value of its Full Potential, and the Mind Control used to thwart its Imagination.

-knowing the True Self and understanding its Connectedness to everything

-understanding the Causal Factors leading to the current Human Condition, and therefore knowing the Solution to changing it for the better;

oThe lack in understanding Truth, self-Hatred, and the lack of both Conscience and True Care present within the aggregate of society are the actual causes of the suffering that All humanity shares.

oThe Slavery of all humanity being the fundamental problem and

oliving according to Natural Law being the only solution possible.

-the pursuit of both Spiritual and Physical liberation through fully living and promoting the Sacred Feminine Principle of Non-Aggression and Sacred Masculine Principle of Self-Defense.

-Not the flawed notion that one should somehow “purge” his/herself of all “negative” emotions, and only exist in a state of peaceful tranquility

o“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

-Not the selfish pursuit of perpetual bliss in a world of spiritual warfare and currently, filled with suffering and slavery.

oThis dose not mean don’t be generally happy, however spiritual wakefulness is not about you feeling happy all the time either.

o“That which has manifested as a result of what you have been wrongly resisting, is that which will continue to persist.”

-“Being awake is not about changing one’s self regardless of what happens to others, but rather, actively being a part of the awakening process of others. This is The True Great Work.” Mark Passio; whom I most of all credit the knowledge of this declaration to.

oInformation Sources:, Street Wise Spirituality seminar, Natural Law- The Real Law of Attraction seminar, and Mark’s Internet Podcast Series (start to finish)

-Not equating to perfection, but rather about doing your Very Best in the most difficult circumstances; No one is perfect. 

-Not political; understanding that the “Left vs Right” paradigm is a false dichotomy based only on diagnosing the symptoms of slavery with half-truths and the merging of vested interests, only interested in its own institutional preservation of infinitely increasing its power and control.

-Not utopianism or religion, but rather a Holistic Worldview for world peace

through society, in the aggregate, Rising in Consciousness

Wakeful-Modern Philosophy is based on the RESEARCH of many eclectic, prominent scholars who reject (at least in part) the government/ corporate mainstream narrative of newspeak, propaganda and cultural-Marxism that currently Mind-Controls the mass public through institutional indoctrination.

-Researchers include, but are certainly not limited to:

oAlan Watts, Dr. Amit Goswami, Bob Tuskin, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Carl Jung, Charles Eisenstein, David Icke, Doug Michael, Eckhart Tolle, Frater X, Freeman Fly, Fritz Springmeier, G. Edward Griffin, Graham Hancock, Gregg Braden, Ian R Crane, Jan Irvin, Dr. Joe Dispenza, John Hagelin, Jordan Maxwell, Katherine Albrecht, Larken Rose, Laura Eisenhower, Leo Gura, Manly P Hall, Mark Dice, Mark Passio, Marc Stevens, Max Igan, Michael Talbot, Michael Tsarion, Nassim Haramein, Richie Allen, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Santos Bonacci, Stefan Molyneux, Dr. Steven Greer, Terence Mckenna, and many more;

oSpecial Credit for this declaration specifically, goes to Mark Passio.

- “There are no taboo topics,” no matter how bizarre the theory of inquiry may seem until properly challenged and proven accurate or not.

oHence why many truth-seeking people realized that the flat Earth theory is a psy-op, meant to discredit the actual Truth and Freedom Movement. So this will be the only mention of that garbage here.

-Wakeful-Modernism dose-not support any theories as if they were proven facts, but rather the application of inquiry to decipher each hypothesis.

Wakeful-Modern ART Is:

-Any Visual, Musical or Literary Style or Artistic Medium, with the greatest emphasis on Concept and Public Awareness

-All Topics relative to promoting True Worldwide Freedom, Peace and Enlightenment

-All Topics relative to the whistle blowing of Social Conspiracies

-Serious or Satirical

-Abstract or Realistic

-Literal, Allegorical or Metaphorical

-typically Bold, though can be Subtle

-also including “Visionary Art,” but Never that witch promotes solipsism, statism or the “new” Age movement

-De-Occult; meaning to remove indicated privations by examining and demystifying or publicly clarifying that which is occult (occult simply meaning hidden)

A Wakeful-Modern ARTIST Is:

-A Modern Artist who studies the occulted or hidden knowledge of the world and of the Self, and projects such wisdom through his/her art with the intention to help Free and Enlighten humanity.

oEach artist and truth seeker contributes his/her own piece of the puzzle to the pursuit of educating the sleeping mass public.

oAwakening the consciousness of all people in order to create worldwide peace and freedom is ultimately what matters most.

-A Modern Artist who regards Consciousness as the fundamental plain from witch all matter derives, both of which being equally relevant and valuable; one who understands that the Earthly Pain and the Spiritual Domain are but two aspects of the same precious thing called life.

-A Modern Artist who is on the arduous path toward Spiritual Enlightenment, promoting the World Peace of True Anarchy (Freedom).

oThough there are many partially awakened artists who are themselves, in the general use of the term, “Wakeful-Modernists,” all True Wakeful-Modernists completely Reject all forms of Slavery, including both Statism and Financial Slavery.

The MISSION of Wakeful-Modernism is to End all Slavery by creatively Educating society through all forms of Art:

-using the TRIVIUM educational method, creatively projected through Art

o(Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom)

-concerning the bigger picture (double Matrix) we each experience as the aggregate of society

oNatural MATRIX of Cosmic Unity

We are each individuated consciousness' within and a part of one divine Consciences, which is the All of all existence that most people call God.

oArtificial MATRIX of Social Control

Society is coincidentally unknowingly allowing the world to be run by dark-occult psychopaths, who keep us entranced in a maze of lies and deceptions through the indoctrination and programming of schooling, every institutional system, and all major media.

-Humanity is fighting a Spiritual War over the Hearts and Minds of the public and for each individual Soul.

oLove and Freedom vs. Fear and Control.

oUntil enough people wake up and say no more, this world will continue to be run by the satanic psychopathic so-called elite.

-The intention is to wake the sleeping masses from the Mind Control of institutional indoctrination, pop culture and media propaganda.

-Wakeful-Modernism is about doing The Great Work of spreading of Truth, Love and Freedom, most essentially teaching Natural Law.

-The main objective of Wakeful Modern Art is not to make money, fans or friends, but rather to stimulate the viewer to think critically in spite of his/her own preconceived prejudices or other possible mental discomforts.

The word OCCULT comes from the Latin verb “Occultare,” meaning “to hide” or “to conceal.”

-This word is often obfuscated so that people mistakenly assume it means evil; though essentially just means HIDDEN.

-The Occult comprises two distinct bodies of Esoteric Knowledge:

oThe “’Miner’ or ‘Lesser’ Arcana” Microcosmic Knowledge of the “Inner World” of the Self, knowledge of the human Psych, knowledge of how the Mind operates

oThe “’Major’ or ‘Greater’ Arcana” Macrocosmic Knowledge of the “Outer World” an how the Universe operates, the knowledge of Natural Law, along with the knowledge of the sciences of matter

-Knowledge is never “good” Nor “evil” itself; what matters are the intentions and actions of those who understand it, and the quality of accuracy in the sources it comes from.

-Over the centuries, people have hid occult knowledge for both righteous and nefarious reasons.

-Occultism is Not Religion, but rather substantiated Science.

-Dark-Occultism serves only the ego-self at the expense of others, and Light-Occultism serves the True Self for the unity and betterment of all.

-Dark-Occultists hide it from others in order to manipulate society; as knowledge is power, and hiding knowledge creates a power differential

oArmed with this powerful psychological knowledge, these Satanists and Luciferianists literally infiltrate every institution possible.

oMost people share many of the same values as the four main tenets of Satanism, which are: Self Preservation as the highest regard, Moral Relativism, Social Darwinism and Eugenics.

-Not all occultist are dark-occults.

oSome just prefer not to cast purls of wisdom before ignorant swine who over the years have persecuted them for their enlightenment.

oOr maybe the conversation just never comes up, as people often don't openly disuse politics and religion.

oHowever in such a dark time for humanity, all true light-occultists are really “de-occultists;” meaning they are no longer hiding this knowledge, but rather widely disseminating it.

The individuals within all Secret Societies, hence, have a moral obligation to unveil such deeply occulted knowledge.

TRUTH- is simply “that which is.” It is that which has occurred in the past, and that which is occurring in the present.

-Perception is only one’s own interpretation of Truth, and may or may not coincide with that which actually is occurring or that which had occurred.

oWe must align our own perceptions with the Truth, as it will Not conform to our perceptions.

oThe closer we align our perceptions with Truth, the more accurate they will be.

-The expression “my truth” or “your truth,” etc. typically refers to owns own point of view as certain events have unfolded in his/her own personal life; it is Not Truth itself, but rather one’s own life perspective through his/her own perception of Truth, and should Never be confused with Truth itself.


-TRUTH is always one hundred percent OBJECTIVE, and perception completely subjective; therefore perception cannot dictate Truth, as it will always be capable of wavering from it.

How does one know what’s True from False?

-If one chooses to care enough about a particular subject, he/she must obtain knowledge form Eclectic sources of Relative information.

-Being a good student of the world, one must be Open-Minded with a healthy balance of slight Skepticism.

-One must take great Care as to the Source of where their information comes from; the Motives, Agendas and Financial Ties that such sources may or may-not have.

-The student must then Compare and Contract all available information for accuracy, and then come to a logical understanding of the subject studied.

-To thoroughly do so requires the Introspection of one’s own behaviors and programmed beliefs, and the ability to admit when one has been wrong.

-Once he/she has analyzed a wide array of possibilities from enough credible sources, then the Truth shall become self-evident.

The TRIVIUM Educational Method

-is a three step process

oKnowledge (or the lack thereof)

what is INPUT into the mind (aka grammar)

oUnderstanding (or the lack thereof)

the PROCESSING of the mind (aka logic)

oWisdom (or the lack thereof)

the manifested OUTPUT of human behavior (aka rhetoric)

-is the process of How to think, Not the indoctrination of what to think

-is the natural process of how people learn and express themselves, regardless of what they are learning by way of what they are shown or by what they chose to discover on their own


-1. Recognize that there IS a problem. Fear-based denial of the problem must first be dealt with and conquered.

-2. Recognize that symptoms are merely effects of underlining causes. Therefore, instead of simply treating symptoms, make an accurate diagnosis of the CAUSES(S) of the problem.

-3. Through the knowledge acquired via accurate diagnosis, take the required ACTION necessary to RECTIFY the causal factors which led to the manifestation of the problem.

DEFINITION- a statement of the exact meaning of a word.

-An exact statement or description of the nature, scope or meaning of something.

-The degree of distinctness or clarity of an object, image, or sound.

-The more accurate our definitions for words or concepts are, the better our clarity of meaning, and therefore, our understanding, of those words or concepts will be.

CONSCIOUSNESS- is the ability to recognize patters and meaning with respect to events taking place, both within one’s self and the realm in which the self exists and operates.

-There are three Expressions of Consciousness (The Trinity)

oThought, the Creative (or Generative) Force “the Father”

oEmotion, the Sacred Feminine Force “the Spirit, in which we create”

oAction, Sacred Masculine Force “Male Child”

-Thoughts generate emotions, witch together create behavior

-Everything begins within mind, though manifested results and worldly salvation only come through actions taken, not meditative daydreaming.

RELIGION- comes from the Latin verb religare: “to tie back; to hold back, to thwart from forward progress, to bind."

-Religion is a system of control based in unchallenged dogmatic belief, which holds back the progress of Consciousness.

-*I mean no disrespect in challenging your beliefs, but there are some things you really must consider.*

-The six major cultural religions (including: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism) all share many of the same Mystical roots and core Esoteric teachings.

o*I personally know more about Christianity then I do the others, so I am using that as the main example. Though it is just as applicable to all the religions just mentioned.*

-EXOTERIC means, Intended for or likely to be understood by the general public; current or popular among the general public; relating to the outside world; external. From Greek, exoterikos: outer, outside.

oExoteric religion teaches Literal interpretations of Holy Scriptures, and Not their deeper, or full extent of, allegorical meaning.

-ESOTERIC means, Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with specialized knowledge or interest. From Greek, esoterikos: within, into.

oThe story of Jesus, like others similar, is both a Metaphor and an Allegory for developing Christ Consciousness within one's own self.

Christed Consciousness is to live according to the Will of True Self (the Soul and it’s relation to The All), rather then living according to the will of ego self (putting one’s own self interest above their own moral compass).

Christed Consciousness is Holistic or Non-Dualistic thinking in conjunction with True Care from the heart.

oThe HOLY TRINITY within the Individual is our Mind, Body, Spirit Connection, as we are always each completely responsible for our own Thoughts, Actions and Emotions;

And thus we must each ultimately become our own Savior through the Wisdom gained by the Trivium, Holistic Thinking from balancing the hemispheres of the Brain, and True Care which can only come from the Heart.

By contrast, the Exoteric notion that worshiping and expecting some external deity to save humanity, be it as a man or the sun or government, etc., will always allow others and institutions to rule over the Trinity of each person.

-Most cultural religions do share many great Family and Community Values, which well transcend their institutional systems of mind control.

oThough when taken to various extremes, the values of any religion quickly demoralize, such as: Sharia law, the Islamic Caliphate, the Zionist Military Occupation of Palestine, the Catholic Inquisition, Priest Pedophilia, the Cast System of Hinduism, the persecution of Rohingya Muslims by Burmese Buddhist Monks, and All religious Profiteering in general; just to name a few, over time or present.

-All major cultural religions have several intended meanings of interpretation, some literal versions having much to do with Astrotheology.

-Not all Religion is cultural religion; these are the four other control systems based in unchallenged dogmatic belief, meant to thwart the progression of Consciousness and thereby enslave humanity.

oThe “New” Age Movement

The Egoic Religion of Solipsism


The Left Brain Religion of Randomness and Materialism

oAuthority aka Government, Politics or Statism

The 2nd Biggest (Most Dangerous) Worldwide Religion


The (Ultimate) Worldwide Religion

The Human Brain Has Three Major Sections.

-1. The Reptilian Brain (the brainstem and the cerebellum,) which controls the body's vital functions along with fear and the fight or flight response.

-2. The Limbic or Mammalian Brain (the hippocampus, the amygdala, and the hypothalamus) can record memories of behaviors that produced agreeable and disagreeable experiences, so it is responsible human emotions.

-3. The Cerebral Cortex or Human Brain (the Neocortex and Allocortex.) It is the largest part of the human brain, divided into four sections, called "lobes." Most notably of the two, the Neocortex is involved in higher functions such as sensory perception, generation of motor commands, spatial reasoning and language.

oThe left and right hemispheres of the Neocortex each have specific rolls of dominant function.

The left hemisphere governs intellect:

responsible for Logic as well as Analytical Thought in Science, Math, Language, etc.

The Right hemisphere governs Intuition:

responsible for Creativity as well as Holistic Thought in Philosophy, Religion, Compassion, etc.

oEsoterically, the Left hemisphere is seen as the Masculine side and Right as the Feminine.

oThough it is the right brain that’s primarily responsible for holistic thought, it is the synchronization of the two hemispheres that truly makes it possible.

oThe more holistic or balanced the brain, the better it will function.

oThe Mental Schism of the current human condition is the increasing brain imbalance amongst society, in the aggregate.

This brain imbalanced dichotomy feeds the slave master relationship, the world currently exists under.

Tendencies for Left Brained Individuals:

Rigid-Skepticism, Atheism, Solipsism, Scientism, Moral-Relativism, Social Darwinism, Eugenics, Totalitarianism

Tendencies for Right Brained Individuals:

Naivety, Religion, Unworthiness, Self-Loathing, Addition, Order-Following, Willing Slave

oWhen the brain is synchronized it gains control over the Reptilian function of fear and the Mammalian function of emotion, aligning the three major sections and therefore functioning properly.

This synchronization and process of metaphorical death and resurrection used to bring it about is what some call Alchemy

The Worldview Schism of how society currently views Consciousness is proportional to its current state of brain imbalance between hemispheres.

-RANDOMNESS (associated with the Left Hemisphere)

oThe Universe is a grand accident

oThere is no underlining intelligence in Nature

oNatural Law does not exist

oExistence is purposeless

oHallmarks of Atheism and Scientism

-DETERMINISM (associated with the Right Hemisphere)

oGod controls every aspect in creation

oAll occurrences are pre-ordained

oFreewill does not exist

oChange is impossible and action is meaningless

oHallmarks of Religious Extremism

-In Truth, there is both a Random Component (Freewill) and a Deterministic Component (Natural Law.)

MEDITATION is intense focusing that slows the electrical patterns in the brain, synchronizing its two hemispheres so that they begin to resonate together in the same electrical patterns.

-While study and contemplation are necessary to objectively analyze what is, meditation is also needed to quiet the mind and further clarify what is.

-There are many ways to meditate, most if not, all are perfectly fine.

-You can do your own research on different techniques.

-*On a Personal Note: I got into a binaural beats accelerated meditation program called Holosync a few years back.*

oThis powerful audio technology forces the brain to produce theta and delta brain wave patters, stimulating the balance of both hemispheres and thereby creating whole brain functioning.

oThis program and others like it, still take time. Though they are probably the quickest way to achieve any real results meditating.

-Regardless of method, meditation can help one to awaken.

-Meditation aids the introspection of Self, and the alignment of one’s own thoughts, emotions and actions.

REALITY is built from the aggregate of humanities Thoughts, Emotions and Actions

-HUMAN NATURE is neither inherently Good, nor inherently Evil.

oInstead we should consider the OPERATING CONDITIONS, or the environment in which human beings exist, which influences behavior to a great extent, thus creating the current HUMAN CONDITION.

-In conjunction with what one chooses to focus his/her attention on, the knowledge (input) of available information sets the reference point for each individual.

-The understanding (processing) of such information, or lack there of, forms both one’s believe systems and his/her process for making general decisions.

-The wisdom (output) he/she may acquire from such attention or critical thinking relative to all existing information forms his/her thoughts, emotions and actions, and becomes his/her typical behaviors and habits.

-This aggregate whole formed by combining the thoughts, emotions and actions of each individual then becomes the generated result of our shared manifested reality.

-What each of us watch, listen and pay attention to matters, as these things shape our minds and therefore our dispositions and worldview’s; and ultimately shape our behaviors.

The HEGALIAN DIALECTIC comprises three dialectical stages of development: a thesis, giving rise to its reaction, an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis, and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis.

-A false dichotomy is essentially a duopoly of controlled opposition, playing back and forth like “good cop, bad cop” in order to manipulate its victim. 

-The Hegelian Dialectic is the method used to run any false dichotomy, by marketing two seemingly opposing sides which only debate specific predetermined issues on the surface of the problems symptoms.

oThe political and economic “Right” vs “Left” is a false dichotomy

oThe US (and others) is really a one party system disguised as two


-is commonly confused with, and similar to, The Hegelian Dialectic

-The government creates a PROBLEM.

-This causes the public to have a specific fear based REACTION,

-to which the State is then able to implement its preplanned SOLUTION which the public may not have allowed prior the false flag problem.

-Sometimes the "solution" is military warfare; other times it's stricter police enforcement and gun control, or both.

-This method can also be implemented through radical political groups encouraged to act violent and disorderly, in order to provoke average people to call for more State control in an effort to stop the madness.

-best known examples are 9/11, Purl Harbor and Sandy Hook.

Most all Major Media, including tv, newspapers, magazines, etc, are (or were, dated 7/2014) owned by these six and only corporations.

-These include: Time Warner, The Walt Disney Corporation, Viacom, News Corporation, CBS Corporation, and Comcast.

-The so-called “news” and general network “programming” have financial ties and shareholdings with everything from government to big pharma, big oil and the military industrial complex, etc., which poses a conflict of interest to the viewing public.

-All mainstream news has agendas and loyalties to others not in the interest of the general viewing public. This includes Fox News, which is nothing but the controlled opposition of the same propaganda.

-All evidence considered, after all the false flag lies perpetrated by the Mainstream Media, it takes some real cognitive dissonance to still trust it.

-This is why independent alternative media is so important.

-One should take the time needed to find credible sources of alternative news based on the levels of ethics displayed and freedom promoted.

-Though referring specifically to US media, such propaganda is nothing unique to America, its allies or the West.

Each Individual Person is Ultimately Responsible for his/her Own Freewill Thoughts, Emotions and Actions.

-Though both the family a person was brought up in and the culture that person is submersed by, largely contribute to who that person is and how that person acts.

-The aggregate of society is then in general, responsible for the overall conditions which is allows to manifest within its shared reality. 

-The HUMAN CONDITION is only the condition humanity is in at any given point in time, and can be changed at any time.

-Where as HUMAN NATURE is generally good, and largely programmable.

-We each have our own individual freewill and genetic disposition, though we’re also each very much a product of our shared environment.

-We are-not however victims of circumstance or “original sin.”

-Aside from the extremely small personage of people naturally born psychopathic, people are not born evil.

-We naturally have the potential to act good or evil, moral or immoral.

-The way we each think, feel and act is subject to both personal choice and environmental programing, but ultimately is the responsibility of each individual.

A RIGHT is a behavior taken by a human being that does not cause harm to another sentient being.

-Every person on the entire planet has the exact same Rights; the only difference being the degree to which Rights are rightfully respected or wrongfully transgressed against.

-There is an Objective difference between Right and Wrong called Morality, which is based on Not Causing Harm to other sentient beings.


oFreedom and Morality are directly proportional. As Morality increases, Freedom increases. As Morality decreases, Freedom decreases.

Another way of stating this Law would be to say that the presence of Truth and Morality in the lives of the people in any given society is inversely proportional to the presence of Tyranny and Slavery in that society.

-The word RIGHT also means what is CORRECT or MORAL, because rights are the moral obligation for all social interaction.

-If one's actions do not cause such harm, then they are moral, right and correct; If one's actions do cause such harm then they are immoral, wrong and incorrect.

-Morality equates to Freedom, as it is opposite the transgression of what is Naturally an Eternal Right.

-However just because someone has a Right to do something, dose Not necessarily mean it’s a good idea; If the action considered bares good change in harming another, it is then not wise to conduct such behavior.

oSuch reckless behavior will Always become a Wong the very moment such Harm is created, and the person(s) who did the Wong by causing the Harm will Always be completely responsible and will Always be held accountable through Natural Law.

oTo live in so much Fear of all the “What Ifs” in life, that one would indorse the rule by someone else over his/her own freewill choices, is to live under Mind-Control.

MORAL RELATIVISM is the Satanic ideology that Man gets to dictate what is moral or immoral, what is right or wrong, correct or incorrect.

-Thereby Man’s laws and freedoms changing from one culture or person to the next, or from one time, place or spontaneous whim to the next.

-Perception is not truth, nor can it dictate truth, morality or freedom.

-Perception is only one's own interpretation of Truth.

-We each have the freewill decision to act either morally or immorally, but not decided what morality actually is.

-The closer one's perception is aligned with the Truth, the better that person's judgment will be.

-Moral-relativism provides the false justification for countless horrific atrocities and the human slave state of every government on Earth.

When people look within their hearts and follow their own Conscience they automatically know right from wrong.

-Conscious is the natural empathetic value system we all share, except for the extremely small percentage of natural born psychopaths and the relatively small percentage of secondary psychopaths and sociopaths.

-To follow one's own conscious is to use proper judgment in conducting right action.

-Psychopaths are the type of people who currently run the world, and always will if man continues to declare himself God by dictating morality, rights or law.

-The causal factor of almost all human suffering is the lack of consciousness present in society;

othat is the lack of understanding amongst the aggregate majority as to actually following his/her own conscience.

-If we want the world to change for the better, we must then as individuals within the aggregate of society, change the way we think feel and act toward ourselves and the world around us.

-We must each follow our own conscious (our inner moral compass) and do no harm to other living beings and other people's property.

-If we all stopped causing such harm, the world would naturally become a much more free and peaceful place for all humanity.

FORCE and VIOLENCE are Not the same thing. Rather, they are diametrically opposed, polar opposites, and should never be used interchangeably.

-FORCE is the capacity to do work, or cause physical change; energy, strength and active power.

oAction which is in Harmony with Morality and Natural Law because it does Not violate others’ Rights

oAction which one ALWAYS possesses the Right to take

Includes defense against violence

-VIOLENCE is the immoral initiation of physical power to coerce, compel or restrain.

oCoercive action which is in Opposition to Morality and Natural Law because it involves the violation of others’ Rights

oAction which one NEVER possesses the Right to take

-There is no such thing as a “victimless crime” under any circumstance, at all times and places in this universe.

oSuch “victimless crimes” are Impossibilities; in order for a wrong doing to be committed, a violation of Rights must take place.

oThis enforcement of such so-called “victimless crimes” Is Violence, and therefore the actual crimes committed.

This is because what dose Not Cause Harm to others is Eternally a Right, and can only be transgressed throw violence.

oThe only place a “victimless crime” exists is in the minds of the mind-controlled.

Natural Law definitions

-NATURAL: Inherent; having a basis in Nature, Reality and Truth; not made or caused by humankind.

-LAW: An existing condition which is binding and immutable (cannot be changed).

-NATURAL LAW (Working Definition)

oUniversal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior. Natural Law is a body of Universal Spiritual Laws which act as the governing dynamics of Consciousness.

oScientifically discoverable, not subject to belief

NATURAL LAW is a set of PRINCIPLES that express the Preexisting Conditions Governing Human Morality and Behavioral Consequence

-Principles- from the Latin noun principia: “first, foremost, leading, chief, most necessary,” or first things, that which is most important

o“A principle is a truth that creates freedom. A law (referring to Man’s law) is a lie that creates slavery.” Jeremy Locke The End of All Evil

-Natural Laws of morality just like Natural Laws of physics are binding and immutable whether we believe in it, understand it or even know about it.

-Natural Law is exactly the same for all people regardless of culture, place or institution of governmental slavery.

-Natural Laws exist to protect the peace and prosperity of all living beings, as all living beings are various expressions of divinity.

-The most fundamental Principal is DO NO HARM (or rather Do No Harm, But TAKE NO SHIT), which incorporates the Two Pillars of Enlightenment:

o1- The Sacred Feminine Principal of NON-AGGRESSION

o2- The Sacred Masculine Principal of SELF-DEFENSE 

-The Seven Hermetic Principles of Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause & Effect, and Gender

oReference The Kybalion

oPlus The “Lost” Principle, The Dynamic of Care

Reference Mark Passio

oAll Eight Principles working together in unison and harmony.

-Karmic Cause & Effect

oThe Golden Rule (Correspondence and Cause & Effect)

-By contrast, Man's law can only either be redundant and therefor unnecessary, or contradictory and therefor immoral

No person or group of people can dictate the Rights or non-Rights of others; that is SLAVERY, no matter how strict.

-No person (or group of people) has the right to control or be legal authority over another, because no person or group can make up rights that they don’t actually have and grant them to either themselves or another group.

-Nor can any person or group revoke the Rights others naturally have.

-This is because no person or group of people is God.

-Only God can dictate morality; we must choose through our own freewill whether or not to living accordingly.

-We do-not get to decide what’s right or wrong, moral or immoral, correct or incorrect. We can only choose between them, and only one or the other.

-Each person (everywhere on Earth) only has the right to control their own thoughts, emotions, actions and property, not the right to control (rule or enslave) other people.

-The right to rule others does Not exist because it is wrong, immoral and incorrect.

-Every form of slavery is now, always was and always will be completely immoral and illegitimate.

-The word GOVERNMENT comes from the Latin verb gubernare: “to control,” and the Latin noun mens: “mind.” The world Government literally means Mind Control.


-There is much more to the Universe then we could ever possibly discover using only our five senses.

-Scientism is essentially the religion of materialism. It will never be completely accurate in its analysis of the world, because it cannot measure the true nonphysical nature of the Universe/ Multiverse.

-However, science itself dose prove to be helpful in many specific spiritual inquires, through the study of Quantum Physics.

-The fundamental core of everything is Consciousness, which manifests into Vibration forming the solid mater we experience as physical reality.

oWhen unobserved by a conscience being, everything actually exists as nonphysical WAVES OF POTENTIALITY.

oThese intangible waves of information instantaneously materialize upon conscious observation.

oThis Principle is called WAVE PARTICLE DUALITY, which has been proven repeatedly with the infamous Double Slit experiment.

oThis universe actually exists in two general states of being:

The first is Infinite Consciousness, the non-physical waves of energy (Thought) having the potential for physical existence.

The second is the Physical or Particle Assembly of each existing Atom.

oAll mater only exists as such when it is observed by a conscience being (person, animal, etc.)

oWhen unobserved, the universe exists solely in its fundamental state of intangible waves of potential physical existence.

oScientists refer to this non-physical realm as The Unified Field, The Field or Field Theory. (general topic reference John Hagelin, Ph.D.)

oThis fundamental core is the Spiritual Plane of Existence, which many non-atheist scientists agree.

oIn eastern philosophy, this etheric filed is referred to as Akasha.

oThe Universe (Ten Dimensional Multiverse according to Quantum Physics, Super String Theory) is SIMILAR to a computer situation.

Though we are Not characters in some sort of multidimensional videogame, like some atheist scientists like to try and rationalize.

SOLIPSISM- from the Latin adjective solus: “alone” and the Latin pronoun ipse: “self,” is the ideology that only one’s own mind is sure to exist.

-Solipsists contend that knowledge of anything outside one’s own mind is unsure, hence there is no such thing as objective truth, and nothing about the external world and its workings can actually be known.

-Solipsism is the belief that the universe exists only within the mind of the observer, and therefore the observer him/herself is God.

-Both the “New” Age Movement and Postmodern Philosophy subscribe to and/or promote this mistaken notion of placing the ego on such a pedestal. When in Truth, the totality of everything is God, to which we are each an individuated part of.

-Wakeful-Modernism completely rejects solipsism, in favor of the Truth, the Natural Law Principle of Mentalism.

Natural Law Principle of MENTALISM:

-THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.

-Mentalism states that we are each individuated consciousness’ within and a part of the one higher divine Consciousness, the totality of everything, The All of all existence.

-Most would refer to the All as God, though call it that or not, it’s still the All.

-United as and within Consciousness, we are individual spiritual beings having a human experience, as the universe itself is divinity having an experience in solidity.

-We ourselves are Not The All (God), rather, we are individual self-sovereign aspects of The All and characters within it.

-Though uniquely experiencing this seemingly material world, at the most fundamental level we are all one, my bothers and sisters of divinity.

-We are not the rolls that we play in society or the possessions that we acquire, rather, we are simply consciousness having these experiences.

-Thoughts create things and conditions.

-Just as the creation of the universe began with the mental capacity of infinite mind, so dose everything we create, begin as thoughts within our own finite minds.

-In order to change reality, YOU must change the way you think, then the way you feel and act will ultimately follow.

oWhen enough individuals who comprise the aggregate of society change the way they think, so shall change occur within our shared manifested reality.

-“You are dwelling within the infinite MIND of THE ALL. and your possibilities and opportunities are infinite, both in time and space.”

Natural Law Principle of CORRESPONDENCE:

-That which is above is like that which is below; that which is below is like that which is above.

-The Macrocosm (the very large; the totality) and the Microcosm (the very small; the individual units which comprise the whole) are reflection of each other.

-The universe is both fractal and holographic, as each part reflects the whole and is self-similar across all scales.

-How we treat others is how we will eventually be treated, both on an individual level and on a societal level as the aggregate.

Natural Law Principle of VIBRATION:

-Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.

-At the most fundamental level, the Universe and everything which comprises it is pure vibratory energy manifesting itself in different ways.

-The Universe has no “solidity,” as such.

-Mater is merely energy in a state of vibration.

-Initiated by our thoughts, the way we feel and ultimately the way we act is released in one form of vibratory energy or another, furthering a chain of events that permeates society and inevitably comes back to us.

-Vibratory Energy can be depicted as either how close one’s perception is aligned with the Truth (how Conscious or Awake that person is), or depicted as to what Polarity one’s thoughts, emotions and actions are akin to in relation to Love and Fear (the Will of True Self Vs the will of ego self).

Natural Law Principle of POLARITY:

-Everything is Dual. Everything has its poles. Everything has its pair of opposites.

-Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree.

-Extremes meet.

-All paradoxes may be reconciled.

-The Ultimate Force is Love consisting as Polarity itself, for Love is The All.

oWithin the Principle of Polarity lies the Illusion of Fear, which is actually created by the Duality within the human mind.

Natural Law Principle of RHYTHM:

-Everything flows, out and in. Everything has its tides.

-All things rise and fall.

-The pendulum-swing manifests in everything.

oThe measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left. Rhythm compensates.

Natural Law Principle of CAUSE & EFFECT:

-Every Cause has its Effect. Every Effect has its Cause.

-Everything happens according to Law.

-Chance is but a name for Law not recognized.

-There are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.

-Freewill does exist, but not without CONSEQUENCE.

oPlane of Effects (Physical World/ Manifested Word)

This is where manifested realities have formed due to their underlying causes.

The Plane of Effects constitutes that which has already occurred. As such NO POWER to affect change lies here, because that which has already occurred cannot un-occur; it has became That Which Is (Truth).

Human Consciousness seems to be “trapped” upon the Plane of Effects, meaning that humanity, as a whole, remains ignorant of the underlying causes which they themselves set into motion and which lead to self-inflicted suffering in their lives.

The Underlying Cause are:

How we Think, How we Feel, and How we Behave.

oPlane of Causality (Mental World/ The WHY)

This is where causes are set into motion prior to manifesting as formed realities.

The Plane of Causality constitutes the causal factors (the WHY) which underlie and precede all manifested things and events.

ALL POWER to affect change lies on this plane.

Human Consciousness must “move” from the Plane of Effects to the Plane of Causality in order for human beings to understand the causal factors of the conditions which they are collectively manifesting in their lives.

Only then will Humanity be able to co-create their shared reality on a conscious level (understanding how Natural Law operates), rather then an unconscious one (not understanding how Natural Law operates).

-Taking into account the combination of these Principles (most specifically Correspondence and Cause & Effect), both on an individual level and on society in the aggregate, the Universe continuously rearranges itself according to our actions and inactions to match that of witch we freely chose to adhere to it’s Laws or not.

Natural Law Principle of GENDER:

-Gender is in everything.

-Everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles.

-Gender manifests on all planes.

oAs previously discussed about the human brain, consciousness, worldview, etc.

-Mental Gender is the state of co-existence between the Masculine and Feminine aspects of the human mind.

oOur Left Brain Hemisphere largely facilitates the Masculine aspects of the mind, or Intellect (logic, analytical, and linear thought processes), while the Right Brain Hemisphere largely facilitates the Feminine aspect, or Intuition (creative, compassionate, and holistic thought processes).

The “Lost” Principle, The Dynamic of CARE


othe fundamental causal factor

-What we care about on a day-to-day basis acts as the driving force of our thoughts and actions.

oTherefore, Care can be seen as the ultimate Generator of the quality of our experience.

-This Principle has often been referred to as the Generative Principle.

oThe word generative is derived from the Latin verb genere, which means ‘to create.

-With respect to all eight Principles, TRUE CARE is service to The All (service to God, or whatever you chose to call this infinite Consciousness).

oAt the most fundamental level, we are all one.

oWe each as Individual human beings form the aggregate whole of society and of our shared co-created reality of manifestation.

oTrue Care is to be honest with one’s self and truly live by the Two Pillars of Enlightenment;

1- The Sacred Feminine Principal of NON-AGRESSION

2- The Sacred Masculine Principal of SELF-DEFENCE 

Hence, having True Care is to be a MORAL human being, by Not conducting violence yourself, by Not willingly allowing violence to be conducted on you, and by Not supporting and if capable, not allowing violence to be conducted on others.

oTrue Care is what comes from the HEART, it is Self-Love, empathy and compassion.

We must each develop true SELF-LOVE; Not narcissism or egotism, rather we must understand and appreciate our True Connectedness with the Universe.

-We each must first love and respect our own selves before we can truly love and respect others, as Empathy is needed to exercise Conscience.

-We need to develop True Mindfulness through either or both Meditation and Contemplation, and be the watcher of our own behaviors.

-We each need to bring the shadow material from our own unconscious or subconscious minds to conscious awareness, work through it and heal it.

-We need to develop True Present Moment Awareness, and let go of the regrets of the past and the anxieties over the future.

-We need to admit to ourselves the things we’ve been wrong about,

othen have the compassion to forgive ourselves,

oand the courage to apologies and ask for forgiveness from others (If applicable),

so that we may learn and grow, and move on to be someone better as a result.

oWe need to stop lying to ourselves about the things we don’t like about ourselves, and about the problems in the world, and deal with such issues as needed to actively solve them; Stop being cognitively dissonant.

-We need to heal our own damaged psyches wherever issues may exist, and Stop perpetuating the Abuse Victim Cycle;

oWhen Traumatic or Chronic Abuse occurs, the Experiencer can either be healed through applied Knowledge, Care and Will; or travel down one of two paths, causing more harm to self and others

Experiencer identifies with Abuser

Negative emotions turn outward

o Experience becomes Abuser, abusing others and him/her own self

Experiencer identifies with Victim

Negative emotions turn inward

oExperience becomes Victim, victimized by others, and abuses him/her own self

-We each need to heal our own Worldview and see the Value of the human being (and every living being) as being infinite, as the treasured part of infinite Consciousness that we each are.

oWe need to see Human Nature as being Fundamentally Good, with the capacity of being programmable, and therefore either easily manipulated do to lack of wisdom, or the ability to change one’s self to a desired condition if Consciously Wiled to be.

oWe need to have the Imagination to envision the changes we want before we can make them possible though our own actions.

-We must get out of Mind Control by understanding how the human psyche works and functions;

owhat all of the manifestations of our thought are,

owhat all of our desires are about,

owhat underlines our fundamental behaviors, our motivations, etc.

oAnd that is what the Dark-Occultists know extremely well, and yet most people have never really looked into it at all.

oThis knowledge will ultimately set humanity free, yet by keeping it occulted (hidden) from the general population, it gives the ruling Satanic Priest Class a power differential over the minds (and therefore over the behaviors) of the unsuspecting public.

oThat is why Holy Trinity within each person is so important, it is the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection; the Unification of our Thoughts, Emotions and Actions.

“Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food.” Hippocrates And we need to love ourselves enough to eat healthy, so we will be and stay healthy.

-You are what you eat, as the nutrients, or lack there of, is used for the continuance of generating new bodily cells.

-The Better you Eat, the Better you will Feel and the Clearer you will Think.

-There is so much food that is super good for our physiology and tastes even better, if only we just knew what is good, and what is poisoning junk.

-*I am Not a nutritionist, just someone who over the years has become increasingly concerned about living a more healthy lifestyle.

oPerhaps you should consult with you’re doctor or just do some basic research yourself before drastically changing your diet, as we all have different specific dietary needs to consider.*

-*Of all the topics I’m covering, this is the hardest for me to speak out on, as I myself was not aware of, or did-not truly care enough about morality to see the connection and stop eating animals until about a year prior to writing this, and only stopped using other animal products at the same time as writing this section, while further contemplating such atrocities. 

oYes, I just said, I was vegetarian for a year and I just became vegan; and I once never thought I’d see the day, as I was a scoffer.

oI am Not perfect either, but it’s Always a Good Time to Change for the better. And I am trying to inspire positive change in others by living as that example.*

-*Also, I’ve spent the last few years working part time at an ice cream shop, and was asleep most of my own life to the façade of what we really eat,*

-*The biggest challenges I’ve faced living a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle are finding more healthy places to eat out and learning how to shop right and cook more for myself.

oIt would be wakeful if: more food producers, grocery stores and restaurants actually cared about healthy eating and the Rights of animals; were more affordable with the ones that already honestly do, and more honest with the ones that don’t but try to hide it.

oIt would also be wakeful if the market was Not flooded with GMO Crap that truly No One Wants, but settles for anyway out of financial necessity, as it increases the cost of food that’s natural.

-*My advice is to shop as Organic, or at least Non-GMO, as much as financially possible, but don’t stress about every little thing.*

oEating vegan is Not necessarily expensive, unless you submit to the price gouging of industry greed

oBe a smart, savvy shopper. 

-Coating food with chemical pesticides while releasing them into the atmosphere by crop-dusting is harmful enough. Though when plants are Genetically Modified to Produce their own Pesticides and/or Pesticide Immunities, you can't simply wash them off; you have to eat them. 

-A great Wakeful-Modern solution to both pesticides and GMOs is Vertical Farming, which is the practice of producing food and medicine in vertically stacked layers, vertically inclined surfaces and/or integrated in other structures (such as in a skyscraper, warehouse, or shipping container). 

-Growth hormones and antibiotic injections are inhumanly forced upon many animals, to later be consumed by people as a byproduct.

-Always read labels and ask questions. The ultimate Religion is Money; if a product is truly good for you then companies will use that as a selling point, but if a product is actually bad then what’s bad will be kept secret.

An Organic, Whole Food, PLANT BASED Diet is all the body needs to maintain great health, beyond Vitamin B12, generally found only in animal products such as dairy and eggs, which originates from microbes in the soil.

-Contrary to popular myth, B12 is the only actual supplement needed.

oMany foods are also supplemented with B12, such as some nutritional yeasts, breakfast cereals, and meat alternatives.

-The Pyramid structure of a healthy PLANT BASED Diet from least amount needed at the top, and most needed at the bottom is as follows:

oHigh-fat Whole Foods, like Avocados, Nuts, and Dairy Substitutes.

Leafy Green Vegetables (extra servings specifically) such as Broccoli, Cabbage, Spinach, Kale, Bok Choy etc.

Legumes such as Beans, Peas, Lentils and Seeds

Whole Grains and Oats such as Quinoa, Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Barley, Rolled Oats, Whole-Grain Pasta, and Sprouted Grains, etc.

oMostly Fruits (All Types)

oMostly Vegetables (All Types)

-There’s a great amount of extremely helpful resources out there, and these are just a few great ones to start.

oApps: FourSquare, Vegetarious, and HappyCow


oYouTube: Pick Up Limes, Cheap Lazy Vegan, Simnett Nutrition, High Carb Hannah, Bonny Rebecca, Bite Size Vegan

The basis of True Morality is to DO NO HARM to other sentient beings; this includes all Earthlings; and to a reasonable extent the Earth itself, as the survival of all Earthlings depends on it.

-If you eat meet, watch the film on YouTube titled EARTHLINGS.

oThough WARNING, cause it is Extremely Graphic. 

-Aside from Slaughter, the Living Conditions of most animals that people eat everyday in both America and elsewhere are sick and brutal.

oSuch Factory Farming conditions are so horrendous, that your average consumer dose not even dare know the shire torture brought upon these animals for their own selfish human interest.

oIf only slaughterhouses had glass walls, our eyes would be open, our hearts would be heavy, and our stomachs would be nauseous.

-Carnism is another example of Moral Relativism, as well as a Religion based entirely on Violence; that killing animals and eating there dead flesh is both justifiable and necessary.

-Carnism bears the Myth that meet is the only souse of protein.

oThe Amino Acids in the form of Enzymes, which proteins carry is what we need, and such are found in almost all plant-based foods.

oThere are many very healthy people living vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, even many pro athletes and body builders are vegan.

-Over 56 billion farmed Animals are Killed every year by humans.

oThese shocking figures do not include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great they are only measured in tonnes.

oNext to militaries and warfare, carnism and animal slaughter is literally modern day satanic Blood Sacrifice.

-Even considering the food chain of animals eating other animals, we as human beings have the ability to make a conscientious choose not to act like savages by killing and consuming the dead flesh of other living beings.

-The slaughter industry creates its equivalent in karmic debt for these beings suffering, which not only effects those consuming their products but the entire morphogenetic field of the planet.

oThe Law of Correspondence is always in effect with the behavior of each individual and society in the aggregate. 

oCarnism is the ultimate form of domination, having much to do with our own enslavement as a species, as what we do to others will eventually always be done back to us.

-The phase “Humanly”- Slaughter is a complete oxymoron.

oHumane means to be Kind and Compassionate and Slaughter means to Kill; so how exactly dose one show kindness and compassion to another living being while killing it?... 

-There are also several environmental reasons to Go Vegan as well, but here are just a few: massive amounts of animal waist, massive amounts of methane produced by cows, deforestation needed to grow massive amounts of food for animals, the massive amounts of extra water needed to grow the food to feed to animals and to hydrate them as well.

-Considering that we do Not actually need to consume dead animal flesh or other animal products to survive, and that truly acting morally proper is to Do No Harm, carnism is then anything but normal, natural, or necessary to the survival of humanity; it’s just a long held habitual tradition.

ANARCHY- From the Greek prefix an- “without; the absence of” and the Greek noun archon- “master; ruler” 

-Anarchy does NOT mean “without rules.” It literally means “without rulers; without masters.” No Rulers, No Masters.

-Anarchy does NOT mean chaos, as commonly obfuscated by modern terminology, because freedom is not chaos.

SOVEREIGN- A Sovereign is a MONARCH (mon: “one”; archon: “ruler”), a Single Ruler who rules only The Kingdom of SELF.

-Sovereignty is the state in which one controls one’s own Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions, and by bringing them into Unity/ Non-Contradiction/ Non-Duality, attains Mastery of one’s own Consciousness.

-Self-Control = Self-Mastery = Self-Ownership



-Positive Expression of Natural Law

oGenerative Polarity (What We Use to Create)

oLOVE (Consciousness)

Initiating Expression (How It Starts)

KNOWLEDGE (Acceptance of Truth)

Internal Expression (What Happens Inside Us)

SOVEREIGNTY (Internal Monarchy)

oExternal Expression (What Happens In Society)

oFREEDOM (External Anarchy)

Manifestation (The Result We Create)

ORDER (Manifested Good)

-Negative Expression of Natural Law

oGenerative Polarity (What We Use to Create)

oFEAR (Unconsciousness)

Initiating Expression (How It Starts)

IGNORANCE (Refusal of Truth)

Internal Expression (What Happens Inside Us)

CONFUSION (Internal Anarchy)

oExternal Expression (What Happens In Society)

oCONTROL (External Monarchy) 

Manifestation (The Result We Create)

CHAOS (Manifested Evil)

Internal Monarchy/ External Anarchy (Extended Alchemical Definition)

-To have total ownership of one's own thoughts, emotions, actions and property, and zero ownership over that of others

-To rule thyself and not rule others

-To live according to Natural Law, so as to respect the Natural Rights of all sentient beings

-To balance the right (feminine) and the left (masculine) hemispheres of the neo-cortex for non-dual holistic thinking, in conjunction with the True Care of the heart

-To align the trinity of one's own Thoughts (Creator,) Emotions (Sacred Feminine) and Actions (Sacred Masculine)

-To live by the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine Principles of Non-Aggression and Self-Defense

-To act according to the Higher Will of True Self, rather then the lower will of ego self


Individualism is Self-Ownership, where as Collectivism is State or group ownership of the individual.

-AGGREGATE: means, a whole formed by combining several (typically disparate) elements.

-Collectivism does Not allow one to exercise conscience, because without self-ownership there is no personal accountability for one’s own actions.

-Collectivism is the loss of True Self to groupthink, and will always lead to the total control of self by another (Totalitarianism).

-Socialism and Marxism, along with Communism, Fascism, and Nazism (National Socialism), are all forms of Collectivism, with different means of achieving the same ends, which equate to the domination of others.

-Individualism is essential to Freedom, but only under the adherence to Natural Law, which incorporates society as the aggregate whole.

-When we each behave according to the Will of the True Self, we are acting with Unity, as if we are all in this world together, which we truly are.

-There is a huge difference between Collectivism and the collective unity of individuals, experienced voluntarily by understanding the true nature of Self within the aggregate of society. 

-Collectivism is mandatory compliance with the group or the State, and will always sacrifice the self/Self for groupthink and moral-relativism.

-Though even Individualism when solely acting according to the will of ego-self, rather then the Will of True-Self, will always be just as destructive.

-As one suffers we all suffer, as so the Natural Law Principles go with Mentalism, Correspondence and Cause & Effect, among others related.

oIf even one person has to starve, be homeless or be sick without care, there is something seriously wrong with the social structure and ethics of that society.

oIf animals are tortured, plans are genetically mutated and the Earth is continuously desecrated, for sake of financial profit, there is something seriously wrong with the social structure and ethics of that society.

oCapitalism and Socialism are really no different in that regard; the ladder may just often pretend to be.

*While many dangers may exist, I do-not personally live my life in fear. Nor do I treat others in a manner that I feel I need anyone else's "protection.")

-I am not implying that others do either, just that people shouldn’t; and if that was the general consensus, we’d all basically be fine.

-If someone is in a situation where they see someone else's Natural Rights being violated, that person has a moral obligation to help the other person; and ethical people who can always do.

-I'm not saying bad things don't ever happen to good people, but we each have the responsibility to protect our own selves. I have no issues with someone aiding someone else in that protection.

oThough when "protection" is mandatory which involves harm, it ceases to be protection. (And I'll take my chances with general society over the duress of the State any day.*

ORDER FOLLOWERS are the ONLY people that actually keep Slavery in place.

-All POLICE and MILITARY institutions are hierarchical systems that compartmentalize the knowledge of true intentions and strategy, which are slowly filtered down through many various stages in a pyramid like structure.

oAt the very top are the very few so-called “elite” who know the exact endgame and reasoning for each play of their agenda. 

oAs this pyramid is followed down there are more and more specialized people with less and less specific knowledge as to why certain orders are given.

-While many people within these institutions may have good intentions, they are greatly mistaken to think they are actually serving anything good.

oThe ACT OF ENSLAVEMENT and the agenda for One World Government are each nothing new.

oWhile America should be setting the example, as it’s claimed by many to be the beacon so-called Freedom, this is however referring in general to All the ORDER-FOLLOWERS in All countries.

oMany wars are started over Corporate Interest and Imperialism, and use False Flags and fear based mind control to justify their immoral aggression.

oAll the world's central banking cartels are connected at the top, and together found both sides of every war.

oBesides animal slaughter, warfare is modern-day satanic Blood Sacrifice.

oSo I beg of AMERICAN SOLDIERS to QUIT THE MILITARY and STOP THE POLICE from enslaving your own country and your own children.

oAnd I beg of the individuals who comprise both institutions to act like human beings and FOLLOW YOUR OWN CONSCIENCE.

-One cannot follow orders and follow his/her own conscious at the same time. This is because he/she is not judging the behavior for him/herself to be right or wrong, before taking such action.

-Anytime someone does something immoral (not in harmony with Natural Law), that person is not following his/her own conscious.

oIt does-not matter who it is or what the so-called justification is.

-Conscious is synonymous only with people as individuals, not with groups.

oGroups themselves are only abstract ideas; all that truly exists are the individuals who form the aggregate whole.

oThat's not to say that people can't accomplish good things is groups, but they can only truly do that when they are individuals working together not subjugated by the preservation of that group.

oGroups do Not have a conscious, only individual people do.

-The ORDER-FOLLOWER  always bears MORE Moral Culpability than the order-giver, because the Order-Follower is the one who actually performed the action, and in taking such action, actually brought the resulted harm into physical manifestation.

-ORDER-FOLLOWING is the pathway to every form of Evil and Chaos in the world. It should NEVER be seen as a “virtue” by anyone who considers themselves a moral human being.

-ORDER-FOLLOWERS have ultimately been personally responsible and morally culpable for every form of Slavery and every single Totalitarian regime that has ever existed upon the face of the Earth.

-Every person is completely responsible for his/her own actions, at all times and places, and can Never actually delegate such responsibility to a group. The excuse that someone was “just doing his/her job,” is nothing more then a COP-OUT.

-The propagandized slogans "support our troops" and "support the police" essentially mean to support every single human Rights violation the State deems necessary, because the ORDER-FOLLOWERS are the only ones who actually make every government atrocity happen.

-The world is enslaved by psychopathic ORDER-GIVERS, who think they’re God by falsely dictating Morality, thereby making the illegitimate claim of “authority” over the Rights and non-rights of others.

-The ORDER-FOLLOWERS play the role of the plant’s Prison Guards, making them the House Slaves.

-I challenge anyone who is currently in the Police and Military to do some serious research on Geoengineering, Atmospheric Aerosols and HAARP, let alone dozens of other crucial topics.

oTo trust a government that does such things at all, vote for it, or especially do its dirty work, is Stockholm Syndrome. 

This World System of Slavery is controlled through a PYRAMID of FINANCE.

-While I make no claims here as to who specifically is on the very top, ultimately this world is run by a Dark-Occult Priest Class, guided by the dark force of Fear and run through the Monetary System.

oOn the basic top of this pyramid sits The Bank for International Settlements (Central Bank of Central Banks),

obelow that, The IMF and World Bank (International Central Banks),

ounder them, (National Central Banks) including: The US Federal Reserve, The Bank of England, and The Reserve Bank of Australia

obelow them are the major commercial or (Big Banks) Citi, Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Wels Fargo, HSBC, etc.

ounder the banks is the (CORPORATOCRASY) of Multinational Corporations, including: Exxon, GE, Monsanto, Du Pont, Lockheed Martin, Disney, Comcast, New Corporation, etc.

oFinally, at the bottom of this Financial Control Pyramid stands each Government, who rules physically through coercion and violence.

The LEFT-RIGHT PARADIGM is a false dichotomy, both Politically and Economically.

-Socialism is inherently worse then Capitalism because it is based in Collectivism and Statism. While true (non-crony) Capitalism is based in Individualism and Voluntarism.

-However, both Capitalism and Socialism are both fundamentally flawed systems do to the slavery perpetuated by the Religion of Money.

o“Anarcho-Communism" is about as much of an oxymoron as you can possibly get, considering Anarchy means No Masters, No Rulers and Communism employs collectivist authoritarian rulership.

o“Anarcho-Socialism” is contradictory first and foremost, because it requires the State (namely the IRS) to steal and redistribute wealth.

oBoth “Anarcho-Capitalism” and “Anarcho-Socialism” are both contradictory because Money grants the ultimate power to Control.

Even with no government, all monetary systems inevitably create a PLUTOCRACY or social structure ruled by the rich.

-There is no moral justification for taxation; all Taxation is Theft.

-We all need to help one another voluntarily, simply because we each have an ethical responsibility to help seas harm caused to both ourselves and to others, not because we’re under the duress of the State, rather because that is the Will of the Creator, because we are all one with The All.

-Capitalism is wrong because it’s primarily about self-service, over and often at the expense of others.

-Socialism is wrong because it claims it’s about service to others, but only through the coercive violence of the State who is primarily about its’ own self-service at the expense of others.

-America in particular, like much of the West, has become a Cultural-Marxist / Corporate-Fascist (Corporatist), SOFT POLICE STATE.

oThrough most institutions and major media, America is being constantly prepped with anti family-values, moral-relativist, pro-statist/ communist values, coupled with the total merger of state and corporate power.

-If you think multinational corporations and big banks don’t have more power then government, you’re kidding yourself. Money rules it all.

oNeither the coercive violence of the State, Nor the glorification of self-interests and greed of the “Free-Market” will ever allow all people to truly be Free.

The current FIAT Monetary System Is FRAUD, and will inevitably crash due to basing its value on debt rather then on a natural precious commodity.

-I’d be partly satisfied if America ended the Federal Reserve, went back to the gold standard, and gave the states control over local currency.

oThat would solve many smaller big-problems in this country;

oeven better if the whole world did the same, ending all central banks and fiat currency. 

oThough the root of the bigger, overarching problem is Not the world’s central banks or even the immorality of fractional reserve banking and unethical claims of non-existing interest. Nor is this just an American problem.

-FYI: The US Dollar is created out of nothing by a privet banking cartel called The Federal Reserve, and then again through a process called the Fractional Reserve System used by every major bank, every time you take out a “loan.” This is how Central Banking actually works.

oThe Fed loans it’s magically created FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES to the government at interest, by a process that typically happens electronically; on paper and in principle essentially goes like this:

The Government asks The Fed to borrow some money (say $10 Billion)

The Fed says “Sure, we’ll buy $10 Billion in Government Bonds from you.”

So the Government takes some pieces of paper, paints some official looking designs on them and calls them “Treasury Bonds,” then it puts a value on them to the sum of $10 Billion, and sends them to The Federal Reserve.

In turn, The Fed also draws up a bunch of fancy looking pieces of paper themselves, this time calling them “Federal Reserve Notes,” also to the sum of $10 Billion.

The Fed then trades the Notes for the Bonds.

Once this transaction is complete, the Government then deposits the Notes into a bank account; at which time they become legal tender.

oOnly the principle amount is created, never the interest.

This creates artificial scarcity by more money “owed” then actually exists; thereby the government continually needs to borrow more Notes from the Fed, in order to pay down the debt they created by borrowing money into existence in the first place.

oFRACTIONAL RESERVE LENDING is essentially when the bank uses ten percent of the Value (not the actual money itself, just the value of the money in its possession) in order to manufacture its equivalent amount in NEW MONEY, created whenever a new loan is issued from the collateral value of human capital of the borrower.

It is Not possible to let someone borrow anything, if the person supposedly loaning it out never had it to begin with.

When New Money is fraudulently created through the Fractional Reserve System, again only the principle amount is created, and the interest dose Not exist anywhere in the market place.

This creates artificial scarcity by more money “owed” then actually exists; thereby people needing to compete with each other to pay back the interest they “owe” at the expense of others paying off the principle amount of their own loans.

oIf everyone, including the government, payed off only the principle amount of money “owed,” all the money in circulation would go back to the banks, and the actual nonexistence of such make-believe interest would then become quite clear.

-Money as most would consider it to be is backed by gold or some other natural precious commodity. Fiat currency is only backed by debt.

oFiat currency is only a symptom of a problem, to which the causal factor is the Religion of Money.

-Reference: Modern Money Mechanics (a publication by The Federal Reserve), and the film Zeitgeist Addendum, among many others

MONEY is both the Ultimate from of Slavery and the Ultimate Illusion of freedom.

-Money is The New God to which human beings now entirely devote their care, attention and energy.

-The only thing that gives money (gold or fiat) value, like the only thing that gives Authority so-called “legitimacy,” is society’s unchallenged belief in it.

oThe Unholy Trinity of Slavery:

Religion (Father) Thought Control, Money (Mother) Emotional Control, Government (Child) Bodily Control

oGovernment and Money are both systems of control and Money holds more power then any Government can ever dream of.

oBesides a group of sadists who just enjoy beating you for nothing, it takes Money to fund and secure the State, and Money to propagandize its immoral justifications.

-God did Not create money; people do Not need it to survive; And if we each spent the time and attention necessary to heal our own self-hatred and poisoned worldviews, Nor then would society need money to thrive.

-Money Rules The World as the declared universal medium of exchange.

oIt’s a symbol for Liquidity, it represents the Currency Flow of Life Force Energy, used to trade the Time and Attention of one’s own Human Capital of talents, skills and labor, for the goods and services of others.

-All people have infinite value because all people are expressions of infinite Consciousness; If all people are truly free, then the worth of a person is based on his/her Moral Character, Not a financial number.

-Money will always create a Power Differential between those with and those without it, making those without subservient to those with it.

-Even if money were gold or silver, it might as well just be rare polished stones. Money is only a symbol of arbitrary value, not the real wealth itself.

-We live on a finite planet with both finite and renewable resources.

oThough we cannot grow more oil or gold, we can restore world vegetation and harness many existing souses of clean abundant renewable energy.

oThe Monetary System further creates actual scarcity, because it is based in the false assumption that rarity creates value.

oNot to mention the scarcity through rampant consumerism, as the economy must keep expanding in order to keep it from crashing.

-Money is the motivation for many immoral acts that many people commit everyday, in many kinds of jobs, to one degree or another.

oFor the sake of profit, some cause harm to others and some cause harm to the environment, which in turn causes harm to others.

oAgain, it is the Order-Followers who are the Only one’s who physically keep this global prison in place, and ultimately they do it for a paycheck.

-The Credit Rating System is fundamentally flawed, due to the nature of self-interest that the Monetary System inevitably perpetuates.

oBanks and Corporations can and almost always write contracts to be skewed to their own benefit at the expense of the customer, so long as they can do so discreetly. This is typically always hidden in fine print or disguised in legal jargon.

oThis system is also flawed do to the State dinging credit ratings for not paying traffic tickets, court fees, etc. So, refusal to pay such extortion, makes people subject to pay higher (non-existing) interest rates, and possible refusal of loans, jobs, etc.


-Which is “green language” wordplay for divine Consciousness, and one’s own Third Eye connection to it.

oThat's why they use the subversive symbolism of the All Seeing Eye and Pyramid on the one-dollar bill.

-REAL MONEY is Consciousness;

oit’s the Spiritual Currency of Life Force Energy.

oREAL MONEY is the Generative Principle of What we PAY attention to, and What we SPEND our time doing to create change happen in the world.

oIt's what we PAY attention to and what we SPEND our time doing that gives us back an EQUIVALENT OUTCOME.

oIt’s how we SPEND LIFE, and what we GET IN RETURN.

oThe freewill decisions one makes regarding time and attention will always give him/her an equal value in return, while also momentarily bound to the set of present circumstances stemming from one’s past freewill decisions.

oThere are many subversive symbols of sorcery on the dollar bill, and probably most currencies, together creating a black-magic sigil.

oThis sorcerers (Federal Reserve) bank note of claimed debt and claimed value imbibes new energy with every transaction, and ultimately ends up back with those who created it.

oGod did not create what we commonly refer to as money, Man did.

oJust like government, the power of so-called money only exists as a belief within the human mind. It dose-not exist in nature.

oThe Dark-Occultist who truly rule this world have confused and tricked us into trading spiritually and generosity for self-interest and materialism.

oThough the current Fiat System is greatly compounding the general problem, the entire Monetary System shares many of the same probabilistic effects because they all have the same causal factor.

They all trade Spiritual Currency (Real Money or ONE-EYE/ Third-Eye Consciousness) of infinite possibility for a physical proxy of potential tangibility.

Every person has the Right to Privately Own Property, but rhetorically speaking: How much property can one morality acquire…

-Can a man privately own an Entire mountain, forest, lake or sea?

-Can a man own a whole town?

-How about a whole country or the whole planet?

-Can a man claim ownership of a river that runs through his property, dam up the river and cut of the water from others downstream?

-Apart from the Right not to be plagiarized, can a man own intellectual-property and information?

-Can a man copyright, trademark or patent: ideas, words and phrases, shapes, and colors?

-Can a man morally patent life saving medicine, socially beneficial technology and even the genetics of nature itself?

oNo, that’s all Wrong.

oWhat dose Not cause harm to others is eternally a Right; Likewise, what Dose cause such harm will always be a Wrong.

-What is True Privet Property, and What is Only A Claim…

oThe Earth itself belongs to all the life in which it supports, though sectional it belongs to both the individual people who voluntarily reside in any given area and all the local inhabitants of nature.

oFor good, bad or indifferent, someone down the line had to be the first person to self-declare privet ownership over a particular land or resources once belonging to all.

oThis is not to support the social co-ownership of everything, just a simple statement that the Earth and its resources, in general, is a gift from the Creator to the aggregate whole of all sentient beings.

Every Person Owns (and Must Own) his/her Own physical Body, Thoughts, Emotions and Actions.

-Every person also has the Right to own (or have essential ownership through renting) his/her own home and all things of either personal use or vested interest, along with the privet stewardship of materials and land needed to produce a product or service.

-These basic Rights of Ownership are essential to all human freedom, as individuals forming the aggregate whole of society.

Though when dose ownership become obsessive anyway?

-You cannot derive true happiness from material possessions; they can only fill the void of what must ultimately come from within you.

-True Happiness is Peace of Mind.

-Major media and advertising for example, plays off peoples insecurities and tricks us into thinking we need more then we naturally have in order to be valued and complete.

-There are many great uses for material things that can significantly benefit the lives of all, however if you’re attached to what you own then what you own ends up owning you.

-The security of permanency, like security itself, is only an illusion.

There are more options then being dialectically presented by mainstream society; two of such Alternatives to the Monetary System are a Gift Economy and a Resource Based Economy.

-Wakeful-Modernism dose support a Gift Economy; it dose Not support a Resource Based Economy.

-The RBE movement may have great accuracy on some very important topics, though global rule by Technocracy and the co-ownership of everything are just two really bad ideas.

oThe same kinds of technology can better be used just as well in a truly free worldwide economic gift and barter society.

-A Gift Economy is voluntary free service to others, hence service to the True Self; it’s doing what one loves and giving it to others, or bartering it if one chooses to so.

oA Gift is rooted in the Natural Law of karmic Cause & Effect.

-Though two very different approaches, both these alternatives to the monetary system would requite a fundamental worldview shift of enlightenment amongst the general population of humanity.

oWe must see money as the ultimate tool for bondage that it truly is, and a proxy for the real wealth that naturally exist in all humanity.

A GIFT ECONOMY flips the incentive of self-interest for monetary gain, to the incentives of perfecting a skill one naturally has and receiving gratitude from sharing that gift with fellow human beings.

-A Gift Economy, also considered to be SACRED ECONOMICS (reference Charles Eisenstein), greatly maintains the Natural Rights of all people by working in harmony with Natural Law.

oWe always get in return exactly what we put out, in some form or another, as our actions always have a corresponding relationship with our surroundings.

oIf we all gave the product or service of our own gifts free onto others, others would naturally then give theirs free onto each of us.

-We are all born with Natural Gifts that help make us each unique.

oIt is these priceless talents combined with the desire to pursue them and the work even talents take to master, that we each create for ourselves something of equal value. 

-If the primary motive is gratitude rather then monetary gain, people would Not typically harm others to get it; Nor could they ever possibly accumulate it to the point that gives them a power differential over others.

oOn the contrary, people would be more honest with one another, specifically with those they chose to share their gifts with.

-There is No theft, coercion or statism involved in a Gift Economy.

oPeople are always free to barter rather then give, or choose not to associate with someone or anyone at all.

-It is our original state of social interaction and still very realistic today, not just in small communities; rather, it’s just as applicable to global society.

-A worldwide Gift Economy (or even but not necessarily, a national Gift Economy) would not stop international trade, though it would bring individual communities closer together, and make people more self-reliant.

-People would become independent from the current multinational corporate apparatus that helps to control society today.

-Do to freewill choices of every individual person (the Spontaneous Order), and the thousands of years of monetary enslavement, no one can truly know exactly how a Gift Economy would work down to every detail.

-Only the jobs that truly serve humanity would naturally continue to exist, eliminating the resource depletion of ramped consumerism and most, if not all, of the warfare we see in our world today.

-If we were all free to do, and actually did pursue, master and truly share our own unique natural talents (gifts) with others as true social equals, there would be no limit to the potential we would have as a species.

Do not be deceived; the RBE Movement is just a revamp of the Technocracy Movement of the Nineteen-Thirties, were by technocrats (scientist and engineers) become the ruling class over society.

-In a publication from 1938 Technocracy Inc. made the following statement in defining their proposal.

o“Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population of this continent. (North America) For the first time in history it will be done as a scientific, technical, engineering problem…” 

-The term Resource Based Economy, coined by Jacque Fresco, is essentially an automated worldwide production technology system founded by himself and Roxanne Meadows of The Venus Project, along with The Zeitgeist Movement founder Peter Joseph and others.

o“It is a whole factor socio-economic system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude.”

o(I do personally think the overall intentions of these people are good.) Though until humanity in the aggregate is in agreement with their proposals, such implementation can only possibly be achieved through violence. And the ends no matter how good, never justify immoral means.

The RBE has many worthwhile solutions, but also a great many flaws.

-They fail to understand the inherent evil of Collectivism, and the true spiritual nature of all sentient beings as Individual expressions of Consciousness (The All).

-Their plan is still a way better use for technology then the militaries of the world and the US Military Industrial Complex specifically.

oAll militaries and various multinational energy, tech and weapons companies occult and control High Technology.

oTechnology can be used for good or evil depending on the actions of the individuals who obtain and use it.

oThe RBE advocates for us to stop using High Technology to kill each other, and instead use it to liberate all humanity from laborious jobs, to live in abundance and peace.

oWhile a Gift Economy can very well do a great job dealing with High Technology, it is a Resource Based Economy that truly exalts it.

-Technology itself happens to be RBE’s real forte and strength.

oGreat ideas of Fully Automated Cities:

completely relieving society of laborious jobs, while proving an abundance for all, including responsibly maintaining the environment.

Though total automation might not be so good If computers begin to dominate human beings; something to consider.

Great ideas for unlimited renewable energy for everyone.

-Freedom requires voluntary choice for all; Only if society voluntarily works together with no authoritarianism including technocratic control, will it ever truly help set us free.

oConvincing the world’s population to unite with any common goal is nearly, though not entirely impossible.

oIt would be best to start this project only in specific areas, as to allow people to opt in or out.

oThen once or if it ketches on, go from there.

Wakeful-Modernism is in support of humanity living in harmony with nature and the Environment, Not through theft, coercion and violence, rather the through Wisdom and True Care needed throughout the aggregate of society.

-Contrary to popular believe, you do Not need to be a Statist to be an environmentally conscious person.

-Wakeful-Modern Art is that which promotes Worldwide Freedom, and that which applies its practical, Non-authoritarian Solutions for World Sustainability, Peace and Prosperity. 

-Wakeful-Modern Architecture and Biotecture is:

othat which is self-sustaining, ether fully or in part,

othat which helps maintain the environment, and

othat which makes good use of all natural resources locally available

oA few good example of this are Earthship houses invented by Mike Reynolds, many aspects of city automation by Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project, and various minimalistic Container Homes that also make good use of nature.

oSome elements might include things like Solar Panels, Water Harvesting, garbage recycling as Scrap Art, Eatable Gardening, etc

oMaking good use of Available Light and Spatial Relationships is always essential to all good architecture.

What is Neo-Modernism? And what, if any, significance dose it have to either Wakeful-Modernism or Modernism proper…

-“Neo-modernism is a term that has at times been used to describe a philosophical position based on modernism but addressing the critique of modernism by postmodernism.”

oThis Google definition is extremely vague.

-Neo-modernist philosophy is something that only a neo-modernist could possibly describe in more depth, as “neo” just means new.

-So what is “new” Modern philosophy?

-Wikipedia describes it as: “strongly rooted in the criticisms which Habermas has leveled at postmodern philosophy, namely that universalism and critical thinking are the two essential elements of human rights and that human rights create a superiority of some cultures over others. That is, that equality and relativism are "mutually contradictory."

Wakeful-Modernist arguments Against NEO-MODERNISM:

-Neo-Modern philosophy and its followers are all as pretentious as they are Statists, and will Never actually elevate the Consciousness or the Freedom of humanity, as some may falsely claim.

-Universalism and critical thinking are in fact two essential elements of Human Rights; which is perhaps the only thing they’re correct about.

-Natural Human Rights and the Natural Laws governing Human Morality and Behavioral Consequence, are connected Universal Principles.

oThey are Objective, Absolute and Eternal.

-Every human being naturally having Self-Ownership, is responsible for, and must have control over his/her own thoughts, emotions and actions.

-Critical Thinking and True Care are both mandatory for any truly free society, as it is mostly our own ignorance and apathy that currently keeps humanity enslaved.

oEven in America, only those still sleeping actually think they’re free.

-It is culture that contradicts equality by falsely asserting that Truth, Morality and Freedom are all relative, subjective and unconnected.

-Moral Relativism is the satanic belief that aids the illusion of Man’s laws and freedoms changing from one culture or person to the next.

oRelativism dose then contradict equality, but equality itself is Not contradictory.

-Human Rights are Natural; We each inherited them from The Universal Creator (Nature’s God), and are the same everywhere, for everyone.

oThe only difference is the degree in which they are rightfully respected or wrongfully transgressed against by those who immorally claim rulership over a specific country, culture etc.

-All people on the planet have the exact same Rights within the two Sacred Pillars of Enlightenment: Non-Aggression and Self-Defense.

Wakeful-Modernist arguments Against POSTMODERNISM:

-The progression from Post-Modern to Wakeful-Modern may be best summarized by the realization of the difference between Truth (being Objective) and Perception (being subjective), and the Natural Laws binding its connection to both Morality and Freedom.

-TRUTH is the Actual events that have happened, and the Actual events that are currently taking place, their Actual causes and their Actual effects.

-PERCEPTION is meaning one derives through the five senses and mind’s filter, relative to his/her individual understanding of self/Self and the world.

oThese two terms need not be anymore complicated then that, only the depth of what they each truly entail.

-While Postmodernism promotes Solipsism by egotistically suggesting that Truth must conform to our individual perceptions, Wakeful-Modernism states it is our perceptions that must align with the Truth; TRUTH being singular and eternal, as simply “That Which Is.”

Wakeful-Modernist arguments Against both MODERNISM and POSTMODERNISM:

-Modernism exemplified the search for Truth, Peace and Freedom through Reason, Science and the exploration of Artistic Design Elements.

oYet humanity still had not found, rediscovered or reclaimed them; only more war, the continuance of human slavery, and the loss of spirituality through both Scientism and commercialist Materialism.

-Then Postmodernism cynically claimed the world to be based solely on individual perception by rejecting Truth, all such Truth “claims” or social constructs as the only absolute.

oAgain humanity had still not proclaimed peace; ever increasing world warfare, even less spirituality to the point of popularized satanic madness, and of course the decline of individual freedom inevitably due to the solipsistic Morality Relativism antecedent of Postmodern Philosophy.

-Through Mainstream (State/ Corporate) “News,” Major Media, including  Entertainment and Advertising, all forms of Culture and Pop Culture, and all Major Institutions, society (in the world aggregate) has been Mind-Controlled and therefore its behavior manipulated to perpetuate the Master/ Slave dynamic, as we each accept such falsities as war is peace, slavery is freedom, and knowledge is evil.

-Both here in the USA and throughout the entire world, we have become fully inundated and over processed with trivialities, superficial nonsense and the mental garbage of both Modernism proper and to an even larger degree Postmodern Philosophy.

-Modern society (in the aggregate) must discover Truth and lead Moral lives for it to even be possible to have worldwide Peace and Freedom.

Wakeful-Modernism is about Ending Slavery by Liberating Human Consciousness.

-It’s time we Stop worshipping celebrities, false Religions, Government and the “all mighty” Dollar, and start worshiping ‘God,’ The Creator, The All of all existence, or whatever you wish to call INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS.

oby Thinking, Feeling and Acting according to the higher Will of True Self, rather then the lower will of the ego self.

oto Think and Feel holistically, as to Act according to Natural Law, respecting the Natural Rights and boundaries of every living being.

-We are all connected through the space and time of holographic physicality, within the totality of who we Truly are as Infinite Consciousness experiencing itself as individual expressions of The All.

oThe Universe is a Matrix of Relationships that we are each a significant part of, as spiritual beings having an experience in physicality, to learn and grown, and come to know the True Self.

-Currently, and for many millennia, the Earth has been dominated by the psychopathic Dark-Occult; Satanic Priest Class.

oThrough occulting (hiding) essential knowledge of both the Human Psyche and the Natural Laws of Morality, they have successfully created the ultimate power differential of Mind Control, keeping humanity imprisoned in the Matrix of Control.

-Wakeful-Modernism is about openly sharing occulted knowledge, with the intent to wake up modern society, so that every living being may experience True Freedom. 


oHuman Nature is essentially Good, with the ability of being Programmable, and can act by either the True Freewill of a true free-mind, or by the will of someone else over an enslaved mind.

oWhile Freewill dose exist, it dose Not exist without Consequence; Natural Law, the spiritual Laws that govern human morality and behavioral consequence. 

oThe Human Condition is only the condition we are in at any one time. If we solve the Causal Factors of our illness, we can create a much better condition.

oWakeful-Modernism is Not about utopian fairy tales; life will always have its problems, and with True Freedom always comes the potential for chaos.

oHowever, the Earth could be a paradise of sorts; it could basically be Heaven. And to a smaller degree, in the lives of those with true peace of mind, it already is. Though, one is truly being ignor-ant of the reality we all share together, if that person can Not see the Matrix for what it truly is; or being a bad person if they do know yet just don’t Care.

oWhile this place could be a paradise for all; we all live in Hell, basically. That is, society has adopted the same belief system as Satanism; that of in particular, Self Preservation being the highest regard and Moral Relativism. And as such we perpetuate the Slave/ Master relationship, allowing for our own enslavement form those who would rather rule in Hell then help serve in Heaven.


It’s a War for each Mind, Body and Soul.

Ignorance and Apathy are the pathways to all that allows Evil to exist.

Awaken Modernity with Truth, Love and Freedom, through the expressive power of Art, and anyway you can.

We can, and we Will be successful in reclaiming the natural Self-Sovereignty of all humanity, and the respected Natural Rights of every sentient being.

Doing The Great Work of such service to The Creator through Art is to be a Wakeful-Modernist.

THANK YOU for your Time and Attention Invested in Reading this Declaration, set forth to inspire the Spiritual Wakefulness of Modern Art Philosophy.

-Special Thanks to Mark Passio, Max Igan, John Hagelin, Charles Eisenstein and André Breton; among all stated above.

-Much Love to All, and to The All,


-Arthur (BRAD)ford Klemmer, Wakeful-Modern, Graphic Remix Artist, Self-Sovereign Human Being, Consciousness having this experience.