Wakeful-Modern, Graphic Remix Art by Arthur BRADford Klemmer


The Declaration of Wakeful-Modernism


-*I am attempting to define an Art Movement that already exists as a freethinking alternative to the mind control of pop-culture, mass media and every compartmentalized, hierarchical institution.*

-Wakeful-Modernism is Art used to spread the Love of Divine Will and worldwide Freedom, being subordinate only to Truth.

-If you are a Modern Artist pertaining to the Truth and Freedom Movement and you do Not endorse slavery, then you are a Wakeful-Modernist.

-Wakeful-Modernism is ultimately any art that propagates the adherence to Natural Law, and the whistleblowing of conspiracies currently keeping humanity enslaved through moral-relativism and lack of conscience.

-*I hope to inspire other artists to join, and much respect to all artists who are already on point with this general subject matter.*

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New and Current Works

Research and Resources

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Newest Image

Birth of the Male Empath

(Tucson Public Art Ch.2)

Art projects

Natural Law

Natural Law In 10 Minutes - Mark Passio

Natural Law: The Real Law of Attraction (Full Seminar)- Mark Passio

  1. 1.Mentalism

  2. 2.Correspondence

  3. 3.Vibration

  4. 4.Polarity

  5. 5.Rhythm

  6. 6.Cause & Effect

  7. 7.Gender

  8. 8.The Dynamic of Care

The Kybalion- The Three Initiates (PDF Version)

The Kybalion- The Three Initiates (Audio Version)


This is definitely the scariest portfolio I've put together so fair. Please keep in mind that this is cultural satire, not an avocation for satanism. I'm attempting to reveal the dark nature of the American Entertainment Industry, to which too many people fall pray. As much as I’d like to make a about dozen more images for this series, I think I should really focus more on solutions to such problems. I really hope I made my point with these five. Please take another look at the dark symbolism and lyrical content these celebrities are putting out. Then ask yourself why you still listen to them, respect them, and have respect for those largely controlling them. Personally, I think some celebrities are fair more evil then others, and some are much more mind controlled.

Google what basically is a timeline of events, pertaining to the Mind Control programs of both the US Government and the American Entertainment Industry. And connect the dots on how they are related.

The Phoenix Program

The Manhattan Project
Project Paperclip

And of course the crux of this topic...

MK Ultra

Project Monarch

The Tucson

Public Art Project

The Tucson Public Art Project is a three part series displaying the many murals, sculptures and masonry throughout Pima County. It’s an inspirational journey, dedicated  to Local Art and Artists, Individualism and Community. This is my home and the society which has long inspired my own artistic endeavors. A great place, I would love to help share.

Chapter One:

Interstate 10- is an introduction to local Tucson art, as if the viewer just arrived there only to exit most any freeway offramp and discover a brand new world of human creativity and imagination. It poses the very question of what is truth and human perception relative to the art we produce, the art we view and the art we reflect. Unlike the following chapters, “Interstate 10” gives a journalistic view to research and discover the intended meanings of the original art I have photographed and remixed.

Chapter Two:

The Greater Tucson Area- portrays many elements of society ranging from the dreams we imagine, the events we create, the soul that drives us and the laws that govern us. This is Pima County’s remixed reflection of who we are as the aggregate of this local community. Both this and following chapter consists of three images categories: The first is the 7 Elements of Art- Shape, Form, Texture, Space, Line, Color and Value. The second is Icons and Archetypes. The third being Landmarks and Landscapes.

Chapter Three:

Downtown Tucson- will consist of much the same as “The Greater Tucson Area. However the topic will expand to pose new questions in the discoveries of what enlightens us as human beings, unites us as Tucsonans and makes us unique as individuals.

The Desert Abstraction Project

...A realization in my personal search for self, and/or A metaphysical journey to discover that trust in God is faith in higher-self.

Human life is a spiritual quest for the soul, weather one chooses to accept it or not, or weather one is even aware of it or not. This is my great acceptance, the start of my own spiritual awakening. Please question it with open-mined skepticism, as you should with everything. I mean everything. We all come from different backgrounds of knowledge, viewpoints and social programing. Who’s to say one religion is more valid then another, surly there must be some common ground amongst them all. Both truth and fallacy alike. Perhaps what matters most is the personal connection one feels to the divine love, that truly exists for and as everyone and everything.

Documentaries, Books, Lectures and Interviews

I do not necessarily endorse all views and values addressed in any link posted on this website. However they all share something valid and notable. Be both open-minded and skeptical. Question everything and trust in yourself. Think outside your own ideological box. This list is dedicated to discovering knowledge of both the matrix of cosmic unity and the matrix of social control. This information should be studied and propagated by all who seek freedom, peace and enlightenment, and is beyond the left/right paradigm of false choice dialectics. There are many things I still have yet to study. I hold no real belief system other then the belief in humanity seeking and applying knowledge of Higher Self for the greater good of the world and the one Consciousness that connects us all as individual self-sovereign beings.

Evolutions of Art

  1. 9. Prehistoric - Classical - Premodern Timeline

  2. 10. More Early Art History

  3. 11. General Theory of Modernism

  4. 12. Modernism Timeline

  5. 13. General Theory of Postmodernism

  6. 14. History Of Postmodernism

  7. 15. The Declaration of Wakeful-Modernism

Wakeful-Modern Artists

  1. 16. David Dees- Political Art

  2. 17. Neil Hague - Metaphysical Art & Illustrations

  3. 18. Jana Esp - Natural Law Multimedia

  4. 19. Mike Reynolds - Earthship Architecture

  5. 20. Autumn McNeil - Creative Eclectic Jewelry and Jewelry Supplies

  6. 21. Jacque Fresco - Venus Project Architecture Models (Wakeful-Modernism dose not support Technocracy.)

  7. 22. O.D.D - Conscious Hip-Hop

  8. 23. HeistClick - Conscious Rock/Hip-Hop

  9. 24. The Founders - Anarchist Hardcore Punk

  10. 25. K-Rino - Rapper and Record Producer

  11. 26. The Observerte - Metal and Rap/Rock

  12. 27. Arthur BRADford Klemmer - Graphic Remix Artist (Thank you for visiting my website. Have a great day:)


[Consciousness is the fundamental core of everything, and everything we need to know about anything. Also see my research page]

  1. 28.The Awakening- Max Igan

  2. 29.The Kybalion- The Three Initiates (Audio Version)

  3. 30. The Kybalion- The Three Initiates (PDF Version)

  4. 31. Natural Law: The Real Law of Attraction (Full Seminar)- Mark Passio

  5. 32. Street Wise Spirituality- Mark Passio

  6. 33. What is the Universe made of and where does our Consciousness come from?- John Hagelin

  7. 34. What is Consciousness? - Eckhart Tolle

  8. 35. Liberation of Consciousness

  9. 36. Primacy of Existence and Primacy of Consciousness - Jana Esp

  10. 37. Is Consciousness the Unified Field?- John Hagelin

  11. 38. The Core Of Nature 1of6- Dr John Hagelin Interviewed by Iain McNay

  12. 39. Quantum Consciousness: The Mind of God- Amit Goswami

  13. 40. Enjoying Every Moment- Eckhart Tolle

  14. 41. The Nature Of Consciousness- Alan Watts

  15. 42. The Secret Beyond Matter

  16. 43. Digital Physics Meets Idealism: The Mental Universe

  17. 44. The Cosmic Giggle

  18. 45. Beyond Our Sight

  19. 46. Exploring Non-local Consciousness

  20. 47. Mind the Matrix

  21. 48. The Connected Universe- Nassim Haramein

  22. 49. The Primacy of Consciousness- Peter Russell

  23. 50. Exploring Consciousness- Graham Hancock

  24. 51. Is Consciousness More than the Brain?- Dr. Gary Schwartz

  25. 52. The Science Of Consciousness: Where Science And Religion Meet

  26. 53. Mind Science Kept Hidden

For many more interesting topics and over 100 more great links, please visit my Research Page.